Monday, July 28, 2008

Remembering Nancy Haskell

Nancy Haskell of Cambridge Citadel was Promoted to Glory on Sunday July 27.

Nancy and her husband Dale were huge supporters of Camp Selkirk. For several years, they had a license plate that read SMC 48 (for Selkirk Music Camp and 48, the year Camp Selkirk opened). Camp was one of their favourite places to be. They would even on occasion, drive by during the off season, just to see it again.

As mentioned here before, Nancy and Dale spent 30 or more years at Junior Music Camp. They have been counsellors, Dale taught theory and instrumental and Nancy was ready to help out wherever she was needed. My brother remembered she was one of the inspectors for cabin clean up in the 80’s, with Dora Dix.

For me as a child, it was comforting to have some aunts and uncles on music camp faculty. It made it easier to be away from home, with those familiar faces at camp.

Nancy also enjoyed time at Women’s Camp, catching up with friends she had known for years and making new ones as well. There were also the divisional picnics and a corps retreat or two.

Nancy will be greatly missed by husband Dale, son Rob, daughter Donna and granddaughter Tiffany, as well as extended family.

We’ll miss you Aunt Nancy!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Canada Day Celebrations

Remember Canada Day celebrations? Right on the lawn south of the auditorium we would gather from all around the division to picnic together and sing O Canada...and at one time, God save the Queen/King was included.

Our first summer as DY's the septic system failed...timing is everything...and in the middle of O Canada the sewage truck arrived to pump out the septic well. Beep, beep, it backed up to the well. "What a lovely smell" was the additional comment.

Happy Canada Day to you all!