Friday, August 20, 2010

Can you name the camps?

I am at Pine Lake Camp today - the Alberta Northern Territories Camp and today I'm doing something I never did at Camp Selkirk.  I'm blogging.  This is something we never could have imagined back in those days.  We used a typewriter (an ancient machine used to cast letters onto paper to create a written message) for the things we needed and thought ourselves lucky to have a photocopier!

Time changes lots of things including Salvation Army Camps.  So here's the question: can you name the divisional camps across Canada today?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Name someone who blessed you at Camp Selkirk

Camp Selkirk wasn't just about buildings or programs or was about relationships.  Maybe someone blessed you along the way.

Read this then make a comment!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

And so we go on...

Thanks Glenn and Sherrie for the photos...I see we still have visitors so we'll go on.  I'll revisit my photos again to see what else I've got.

Have you got any other photos?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Camp Selkirk in 2009

My husband and I started dating at Camp Selkirk in the summer of 1992. This past summer, we decided to go to Port Dover on my birthday and then dropped by our old stomping grounds to see how things look now. Since this blog is about to be taken down, I thought I'd post some pictures of how the camp looked recently. We didn't go onto the property but managed to get a couple of pictures anyway. The property looked really nice. We did go down to the beach, and that area has not been maintained at all.

251 Lakeshore!

The new sign!

The long driveway into the camp

View of the pump house from the second entrance

The "DC's Cottage" looks great
with a nice little garden

The picture was taken on the beach. Do you see Glenn waving
from a distance in the top right? Well, he's standing in
front of the tunnel. I was standing near the water. Yes,
the weeds have SERIOUSLY taken over!

There were SO MANY dead fish on the shore of Lake Erie.
I took nearly a dozen pictures of different dead fish so
here's a small sampling for your visual pleasure.

And check out the nasty seaweed!!! We could barely find rocks or sand anywhere on the shore. It was totally covered with this stuff and it smelled gross...

I can't leave you on that note... so, here's one pretty picture taken at the beach.