Friday, August 20, 2010

Can you name the camps?

I am at Pine Lake Camp today - the Alberta Northern Territories Camp and today I'm doing something I never did at Camp Selkirk.  I'm blogging.  This is something we never could have imagined back in those days.  We used a typewriter (an ancient machine used to cast letters onto paper to create a written message) for the things we needed and thought ourselves lucky to have a photocopier!

Time changes lots of things including Salvation Army Camps.  So here's the question: can you name the divisional camps across Canada today?


Sharon (Jones) Dannock said...

Nope, can't tell you the divisional camps in Canada, but can say that I really miss the SA camping culture I grew up with.(Whether it be Selkirk, Jacksons or Pine Lake) Its just not the same in Australia :( Really hope to get to one of the Canadian camps when we are 'home' in 2011.

J9 said...

Hmmm....Sunrise (BC); Scotian Glen (Nova Scotia); Jackson's Point (Ontario); Newport (Northern Ontario); Beaver Creek?(Saskatchewan); Pine Lake (Alberta); Lac Lachigan (Quebec); Silver Birch? (Newfoundland)

And then the ones we mourn: Roblin Lake, Selkirk, Glen Huron, and of course, Madawaska. (all of Ontario, now closed and sold)

I think I missed a couple - someone fill them in (and feel free to correct my mistakes - not sure about the Saskatchewan and Newfoundland camp names)

Sue Matthews said...

I think there is also Starrigan in NL and possibly Twin Pines. I'm not sure about that one. I think J9 covered them well. Is there one in Manitoba?

Bob said...

Camp Woodlands is in Manitoba, You are right with Beaver Creek. Newfoundland still has three camps, but only two of them are still active. The active ones are Twin Ponds and Camp Starrigan. The inactive one is Silver Birches.