Saturday, January 26, 2008

Where did the bell go?

The bell...silent now, but it was the signal for meals, emergencies, and...

Anything else?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Passing on camping stories

We were fortunate that we were at Camp Selkirk during the formative years of our boys' lives. They climbed the trees, rode on the trailer, followed George around, and of course wished that they were old enough to work at camp. I think some of the staff became "heroes" in a way...they seemed so much older and cooler to two little boys.

So once in a while we find ourselves telling stories, laughing about the things they did and of course wishing that more children had those kind of memories. As I reflect on all this I wonder - do you tell Selkirk stories to your kids? Do you remind them of the wonderful heritage that this place afforded them?

Every story needs to begin with..."Once upon a time there was a wonderful camp; Camp Selkirk..."

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A long time since we've added anything

So here we are in 2008! Winter has set in here in Edmonton. No doubt some of you have less dramatic winters. Did you ever go to Selkirk in the winter? Walk through the snow leaving a private path for others to find? Did you see the snowmobile tracks running out to the back?

Winter along the shores of Lake Erie can be a bit tough - huge pieces of ice pushing up on the shore. There was a piece of an I beam concreted into the ground that the ice twisted like a pretzel. Winter can be tough.

Winter can be beautiful too - smooth drifts along the buildings and accenting Selkirk green!

What surprised me most was discovering that one of our neighbours cut down a pine tree to use at Christmas! At least he could have asked?!