Monday, July 13, 2009

Selkirk Clothing

We've commented on staff uniforms in previous posts, but I was thinking about all the other camp clothing recently.

There have many articles of Selkirk clothing over the years. T-shirts, sweatshirts and hats available for purchase from the canteen, staff uniforms and other staff clothing. The crest changed many times over the years as well.

The first Selkirk t-shirt I remember owning was light brown, would have been early 80's I think. My biggest Selkirk purchases would have been the summers of 1987/88. There were red staff polo shirts, blue staff polo shirts, and staff jackets. I think the grey hooded sweatshirts were in that time frame as well.

What were your favourite or least favourite items of Selkirk clothing or uniforms? Does anyone still own any Selkirk clothing? I'll admit, I was still wearing my Staff '88 jacket until last year. It's gone now though!

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Natalie (Hann) Silke said...

I still have my "dead fish" t-shirt. I think it was from 1993. I also had one of the grey hooded sweatshirts for the longest time but it got donated some years ago. It had a navy logo, very simple. I think Sherri mentioned she still has a waitress uniform kicking around. I don't think they EVER changed...LOL!